Swap Bad Sun Habits for Healthy Ones at the Saugus Swap Meet

If you’ve put the Santa Clarita Swap Meet at the Saugus Speedway on your calendar, remember to add sun protection to your event preparations. You’ll find great deals and unique items there every Sunday, but you may also find skin problems if you don’t protect yourself from the sun while you’re out bargain hunting.

Bad Sun Habits

Here are some tips for protecting yourself and a reminder that if you do get burnt or have other problems, you can stop into the nearby Saugus urgent care center for help without an appointment.

Cover Up

Protective clothing is a must for afternoons spent in the sun, so plan your swap meet attire carefully. In addition to comfortable shoes, be sure to wear lightweight long sleeved shirts and pants to protect your skin from UV rays. Sunglasses and a brimmed hat will help protect your face and eyes or you can carry an umbrella or parasol to cover yourself by making your own shade.

Wear Sunscreen

Be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more before heading to the swap meet. You should apply one ounce (a single shot glass full) to any exposed skin 15 minutes before sunlight exposure. Be sure to choose a product that labeled as “broad spectrum” so you are protected from a wider range of UV rays. Reapply at least every 2 hours to stay safe.

Get a UV Wristband

UV wristbands are an excellent way to monitor your sun exposure and remind yourself to reapply sunscreen. These disposable bands change color and indicate when you need to apply sunscreen as well as when it’s time to get out of the sun altogether. These inexpensive, one-time use bands are a great way to monitor your sun exposure and know when you’re hitting the danger zone.

As much as the folks at the urgent care in Saugus enjoy helping patients, they would rather your day at the swap meet not end with them. Use these tips to keep yourself healthy while you shop and enjoy all the good food and entertainment the Saugus Swap Meet has to offer safely.

If in case you still end up getting sunburned, you can head over to an urgent care in Saugus like U.S. Healthworks to get it treated.

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