Urgent Care in Saugus: 3 Simple Tips to Prevent Bug and Insect Bites

There are plenty of ways and reasons to enjoy the outdoors, especially this summer. Locations like the Oak Flat Campground makes the outdoors even more exciting with the various types of activities available, such as bicycling, fishing, hiking, and tent camping.

Urgent Care in Saugus

As much as you want to take the time to get ready for all the fun that you will be having with your family and friends, you should also prepare to protect yourself from injuries and insect bites that could have a negative impact on your trip.

As the outdoors is their natural habitat, it would be impossible to absolutely avoid bugs and insects. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to protect yourself from them. Your local urgent care center in Saugus provides some helpful tips that you can use to better ensure a hassle-free summer trip.

Wear Proper Clothing

If you know that you will be going hiking or camping, you should make sure that your body is well covered. Wearing long sleeves and long pants, for example, will not only keep you protected from insect and bug bites, but it will also prevent you from getting scratched by the bushes or sharp grass as you walk along the hiking path.

Use Insect Repellent

In case you find wearing long sleeves and long pants a bit too hot for your liking, then make sure to use insect repellent lotions or sprays. These emit a certain odor that dissuades the insect or bug from landing on your skin. Apply and reapply as liberally and frequently as necessary.

Use a Mosquito Net

It shouldn’t add too much weight to your bag and it provides good protection against mosquitoes and other types of bugs and insects that will try to enter your tent. Also, the great thing about this product is that it is a net, which means that while mosquitos cannot get through, fresh air still can.

Despite following all these tips if you still get bitten, and the signs become serious, your next recourse would be to go to your local walk in clinic in Saugus, such as U.S. HealthWorks, so that you can get the proper medical attention you need.

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