Urgent Care for Saugus Offers Tips on Avoiding Thanksgiving Kitchen Injuries

Preparing for a Thanksgiving dinner can be tough, especially when you have to prepare food for your entire family, friends, and other guests. Despite all that you have to do, do not forget to stay alert and focused.


Remember that injuries and accidents tend to occur more during holidays such as this one, and if you are not used to cooking for guests, it can be quite overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way with these simple and helpful tips from your local urgent care center in Saugus.

Sharpen Knives to Avoid Cuts

It may sound contradictory, but having sharpened knives makes cutting a lot safer. In fact, emergency room statistics have shown that dull knives cut deeper. This is because you tend to apply more pressure, thereby making for a more serious wound in case you end up cutting your finger or hand.

In the event that you cut yourself, keep the wound clean by washing it under cool water. Apply antiseptic medication and cover it with bandage so that it does not get infected. If the wound is deep enough to expose the flesh, it may be necessary to get stitches, in which case it is advisable to visit your local walk in clinic in Saugus, such as U.S. HealthWorks.

Wear Proper Kitchen Attire

Aprons help protect against oil splatters, while kitchen gloves and pot holders protect against hot surfaces like the oven door, stove top, and panhandles. If you want to make sure that your hair does not become part of the pie, a hairnet should be worn. Doing so also keeps your hair from getting burned or singed as you do work over the stove top.

Wearing shoes with traction is also advisable. The kitchen floor can get slippery, and with all the hot surfaces and sharp objects, you want to protect yourself from a potential fall.

If you do slip and fall, it is best to put a cold compress over the swollen area. Hopefully, the swelling will go down in a few hours. In case it doesn’t, keep your weight off of it and ask for help to complete the meal.

If your wounds or your injuries are not something that you can handle on your own, but are still not life threatening, seek professional medical help from your local urgent care center.


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